Audi adblue warning

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Board 3. Adblue problem Started by PgSep 02 PM. You cannot reply to this topic Go to first unread post. Posted 02 September - PM Went to refuel the Q5 today and whilst on route to the garage one of the engine management lights came on.

Got to the local Morrisons and noted a huge liquid trail behind me. This was coming from in front of the rear nearside wheel inside the floorpan and was literally pissing out! The liquid was like water but a little tacky to the touch. As I was only a mile from home I took the car back and rang Audi roadside assist.

They attended and the guy said straight away it was an Adblue leak It leaves a white deposit on everything and stinks of ammonia as it's apparently made from pigs urine Sure enough he did a diagnostic check which confirmed his suspicions. Apparently it's corrosive and toxic and makes a mess of everything. The car had to be recovered to Leeds Audi as it was not drivable and has to be cleaned with a special cleaner. What really pissed me off was when the technician stated that Audi know of this problem with the adblue pipes but will not recall cars as it's not classed as a major safety issue.

When I told him the car had just been in for a blocked drainage pipe on the air con unit which required all the carpets to be replaced he said this Adblue pipe should have been checked at the time. So my six month old Q5 has been back to Audi four times already Steering catching on the heat shield Screeching fan still not fixed Blocked air con drain and now this Adblue issue Despite loving the car I have never had so many problems with any new car before. I remember commenting on this forum in response to a survey about Audis poor reliability in comparison to some Japanese brands.

Now I know why! On the plus side Audi roadside assistance was excellent. The technician came within 30 minutes,diagnosed the fault, arranged recovery and a replacement vehicle. Car was recovered within the hour and within two hours I had a new A6 Avant on the drive, having been offered an A8, A5 Sportback or the A6. Like This Unlike.

Posted 03 September - AM I cant recall who it was but within a week of ownership another forum member woke up in the morning to find his adblue tank had emptied itself all over his driveway. I think Audi stumpped up to have his driveway repaired as like you say the stuff is pretty corrosiveTDI s : Golf Sportwagen 6 speed manual.

audi adblue warning

B5 died at k miles. AdBlue warning light. My Q7 has an AdBlue low warning light. The AdBlue tank is full. I just filled it with 5 gallons. Full to the top. Is there a rest light option on the VCDS? Originally Posted by whizznbyu. I hear tell there is talk about getting rid of DEF, as toooo many problems with it in the diesels big and small. We see. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards.

TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten. VAG-Com List. Unit Conversions. TDIClub Chat. Thank You. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. July 23rd, Fuel Economy: 56 MPG at AdBlue warning light Hi.

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July 24th, Quote: Originally Posted by whizznbyu Hi. Send a private message to ksa Find More Posts by ksa Send a private message to FXDL.Unable to reset adblue warning. Said I had miles or so before the engine would not start. Bought 2 large containers of adblue from the stealership and filled up the tank. I read on the forums this and others that either the sensor would reset itself or I could perform a hard reset by turning the ignition ti run for 20 seconds to a minute.

Neither of these techniques has worked so I have two questions. One, is there some other process to reset the warning.

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Two, if the tank is full but the sensor thinks it's empty, will that still lock my car out of starting? Thanks all.

What is AdBlue?

Yes, its most likely a Nox sensor problem. You can try to pull the sensor and clean following instruction found here or you can replace it. I tried cleaning mine but it didn't work. Hope this helps. When you say, "two large bottles" are you talking about 2 of the 2.

We got the same AdBlue warning "your car won't restart in miles. The true AdBlue warning should come much earlier, about miles.

2012 VW Passat TDI - Low AdBlue Warning

The warning in our car was a bad NOx sensor, replaced under warranty. Now a Hundai Tuscon. Not a single squalk in 10k miles. Might I suggest a forced regeneration? It will hurt nothing and may well eliminate the issue. My reasoning? I had this happen on my "14 SE. Long story short a call to VW Roadside. Car was transported to the dealer where they forced a regen.

No other issues were found. Over 10k miles have passed without any further problems. Once again VagCom will be your friend. Just remember that VagCom quite often leads you toward a problem but doesn't often provide a solution.

Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards. TDIFest Gone, but not forgotten.And freaking out, certainly, is a reasonable reaction to any of those changes in your otherwise benign life, which, typically, is devoid of The Unknown.

Of course, if you want to mitigate if not totally eliminate some of the freak outs in your life, knowing the cause of certain external stimuli can be rather helpful.

While every generation and model of Audi will have slightly different dashboard warning lights, I have chosen to create a comprehensive guide to one of our newest and most technologically advanced models, the Audi Q7. The extensive chart below illustrates every warning light that you are likely to see, as well as a thorough description of what that light and accompanying message actually means.

Keep that manual handy to double check the answers you find below. As a general rule, the white and green lights connote such an indication. The yellow warning lights mean that an action should be taken in the near future, and red lights inform you that action needs to be taken immediately. I hope you found this visual guide to Audi dashboard warning lights instructive. If you are out driving around the Denver metro area and any of the above warning lights yellow or red appear on your dashboard, and the situation cannot be self-remedied quickly and safely, I would strongly suggest making an appointment with our Audi Service Department so they can work their magic and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

To schedule an appointment with an Audi certified-technician, simply call to make arrangements with a Service Advisor. Did you find this article helpful? Did we miss anything? If you have questions or comments, just click the button below. We are here to help! Open Today! Look for this link on your favorites: Save. Learning Center.

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audi adblue warning

Central Indicator Light — Check the message in the instrument cluster for additional information. The message Audi pre-sense and a warning tone will warn you about danger. Brakes: stop vehicle and check brake fluid level. Stop the vehicle and check the brake fluid level. Contact your Audi dealer for assistance. Brakes: malfunction! Please stop vehicle safely. If this message appears, there is a malfunction in the brake booster.

Do not continue driving.Company car and van drivers could end up stranded if they fail to act on a warning light to top up on diesel exhaust fluid, according to a fleet management company.

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An increasing number of fleet operators will be taking delivery of diesel vehicles that comply with new Euro 6 emissions rules. Many of these use diesel exhaust fluid - known widely as AdBlue - to reduce exhaust gases and ensure the vehicles comply. Vehicles that require AdBlue will have warning lights to alert the driver that the diesel exhaust fluid reservior will need refilling. Consumption of the fluid will vary according to the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The location of the tank varies across manufacturers and from model to model, but is often close to the diesel tank or in the boot, under the carpet, or in the engine compartment.

It can usually by identified by a blue cover. Kelly added: "Manufacturers will typically top up the tank at time of service, but consumption of AdBlue can vary enormously according to vehicle type and model, vehicle load, environmental conditions, driving requirements and driving style.

audi adblue warning

Vehicles using AdBlue are equipped with special dashboard warning lights, but again the message displayed varies across manufacturers, despite everyone agreeing that if the tank is allowed to run dry, the vehicle will not start.

AdBlue can be bought at retail outlets, dealerships or service stations, with some manufacturers providing AdBlue free of charge, if supplied through one of their dealerships.

Have I gone to sleep and woke up 20 years or so in the future, because I didn't comprehend any of this. I do not know the prices in the UK.

Here in Germany, Adblue at the truck pump does cost about 55 Eurocents per liter. Passenger car consumption ist typically about 1 Liter per km.

The cost of adblue per mile driven is neglible, unless one goes the the dealership to have it filled up. But this is not necessary, it is not more difficult then filling up the windshield washer fluid.

Does one go the the dealer to fill the windshield washer reservoir? To Infewerwords - The cost of AdBlue firstly depends on the volume purchased and which supplier you use. Then, depending on what vehicle you drive, how you drive it and where you drive it the cost can increase again if your vehicle usage requires a higher level of AdBlue to be used. Only if you want huge trouble and vast expense to save a total output of 0.

AdBlue is a convenient way for manufacturers like VW Group to make their cars comply with emission standards as their engines are not efficient or clean enough. As you said, just focus on buying cars that do not need AdBlue. They are trouble, especially after a few years or higher mileages. I have had much better mileage after the top up, and as things settle down, am optomistic about it improving further. My son has a Mercedes C - Fill up with Ad Blue warning message appeared and he filled with 10litres of the stuff - now the Fill with Ad Blue as well as engine will not start message appear all the time and car just wont start - tried resetting system but no joy - any ideas?

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Latest Reviews 4.Diesel engines have generally been reserved for trucks and bigger, heavier machines until now. This high efficiency comes from the fact that diesel inherently has more potential energy stored inside than normal gasoline. Along with the extra energy, diesel engines have a higher compression ratio, which allows them to extract more of the overall energy from the fuel than a normal gasoline engine.

However, this high efficiency has a price in the form of some extra exhaust emissions. To help the catalytic converter break down the harmful gases, diesel exhaust fluid is slowly injected into the exhaust pipe.

The fluid vaporizes and once in the catalytic converter, the nitrogen oxides will get broken down into water and nitrogen which are harmless. One of the more common diesel exhaust systems used is AdBlue, which can be found in American, European, and Japanese cars. A small tank with a fluid level sensor stores the liquid so that frequent fill ups are not necessary. There are three lights on the dash that can illuminate to warn you of any issues with the AdBlue system.

The first light is the low level warning light. It should turn on well before the tank is completely empty so that you have plenty of time to get it filled up. This light is typically yellow and once you have filled the tank with more exhaust fluid, it should turn off.

When this light is red, you will not be able to restart the engine once you have turned it off. This is a feature designed to prevent drivers from going extended distances without any exhaust fluid. Again, topping off the tank should turn the light off. Finally, if the computer detects any malfunctions within the system, the service engine light will illuminate along with the fluid level warning.

This could indicate an issue with the delivery system or the fluid level sensor, or it could indicate that the incorrect fluid is being used. When you see the low fluid warning, you will still have a good amount of time before a refill is absolutely necessary. If any of your AdBlue warning lights are on, our certified technicians can help you refill your tank or diagnose any issues you may be having. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Warning Light is on Inspection. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U.

Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Schedule Warning Light is on Inspection. Service Area. Average rating from customers who received a Warning Light is on Inspection. Is it safe to drive with the AdBlue warning light on? Home Articles. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details.Sign up to the Carbuyer newsletter.

AdBlue may still be new to some motorists but owners of diesel cars with engines that are compliant with Euro 6 standards will already be familiar with it. AdBlue is a mix of urea and deionized water that is sprayed into the exhaust system of diesel engines, helping to reduce nitrous oxide emissions.

Audi Adblue Refill (DEF)

Its widespread introduction coincides with the ever more stringent emissions targets that car manufacturers are now required to meet. Without AdBlue, it would be much more difficult to lower the emissions of diesel cars and get them to comply with the latest standards.

Low mileage drivers are unlikely to need to make changes to their annual servicing routine to allow for Adblue, as the fluid is often topped up during a normal service. Fortunately, AdBlue top ups are straightforward and usually relatively cheap if you shop around and do them yourself. Car manufacturers are governed by various rules, and increasingly these are driven by environmental concerns.

The latest emissions regulations, referred to as Euro 6came into force in and represented a particular challenge for the development of diesel engines. Much of this required new ways to minimise nitrogen-oxide emissions. The technology employed is called selective catalytic reduction, or SCR, which involves injecting precise amounts of a liquid into the vehicle exhaust gases to produce a chemical reaction which neutralises harmful emissions. When this solution combines with exhaust emissions, it breaks down the harmful mono-nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust.

This technology has been used in buses and heavy lorries for a long time, so its effectiveness has been proven and its reliability is better than ever.

However, in AdBlue, the urea is exceptionally pure and is of a higher grade than that used in cosmetics, glue or fertilisers. Similarly, the water is demineralised, which is far cleaner than water from the tap. When buying AdBlue, you should check it meets the correct specification, so look for the ISO number on the packaging.

Assuming your AdBlue meets these specifications, one brand of AdBlue should be pretty much the same as another, in the same way that diesel fuel is fundamentally the same from one retailer to another. Where can I get it from? Your AdBlue levels will be checked and topped up at every service and the dealer will happily refill it at other times too - but this is rarely the cheapest option.

The fluid is sold at filling stations either from a pump or in bottles. The pump is usually used by truckers and is often far cheaper and less messy than a plastic bottle. You can also order it online and have it delivered to your house.


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