Free database rest api

Securely transforms your existing backend systems into web APIs that allow your business to adapt to changing data needs.

Solves the problem of obsolete data integration solutions. We provide personalized support, customized integrations and direct access to our engineers. That capability was essential for migrating our solution to the cloud. We love using your technology as our part of our new business pitches. Connect databases to web and mobile applications. Modernize legacy systems for the cloud and microservices.

Best Free E-Commerce Rest APIs to Practice -- Swagger Overview -- Must Watch for BackEnd Testing

Share your data assets securely with clients and partners. Automatically build a data hub for analysis, reporting and enterprise application integration. Schedule a Demo. For White Labeled Solutions Legally permits you to place your brand name on top of SlashDB Boost visibility of your brand Strengthen the loyalty of your clients Our expertise in API solutions can be your advantage Decrease time to market at a fraction of the cost.

For Data Vendors Expose data assets in multiple standard formats Expand business online with discoverable on-demand distribution feeds Develop metered pricing models down to the individual record level. For Systems Integrators Partner with us to differentiate and realize new revenue streams Flexible integration: SlashDB can be applied in four major contexts: cloud to cloud, cloud to ground, ground to cloud, and ground control.

Director, Cloud Services. Angel Maldonado. Kin Lane. John Kirby. Set up a demo to learn more.

All other unregistered and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Terms and conditions. Privacy policy.Retrieve accounts where name is John and Phone Number is like Trying to create a website for their own business, Simbla's founders recognized, over the years, a lack of excellent, simple tools available on the market. Therefore, in Simbla was founded, for the purpose of providing a smart and easy website building solution for all types of businesses.

Simbla's founders have more than 15 years of experience with web-based platforms and website building. We are helping SMB's to create a web presence and to evolve easily into a highly competitive market. In our vision Simbla creates a new environment where websites are meant for everybody!

Toggle navigation. Online database and Web application builder. Discover Simbla's database driven elements.

free database rest api

Start For Free. Overview 2.

free database rest api

Getting started 3. Create database 3. Users 3. Permissions 3. Tables 3. Web widgets 4. Javascript 5.

Database REST API

API 6. Rest API. The Rest API allows you to perform actions such as queries and data update. In order to connect via API you must receive the following parameters:. X-Parse-Master-Key — the master password for your database. With its help, you have the highest permissions to the database. You must keep it unexposed to the users.

In the table we will launch three fields —. Name — string.The Open Movie Database. The OMDb API is a free web service to obtain movie information, all content and images on the site are contributed and maintained by our users. Manages files in Drive including uploading, downloading, searching, detecting changes, and updating sharing permissions. Supports core YouTube features, such as uploading videos, creating and managing playlists, searching for content, and much more.

Return synonymous words. The machine learning service APIs utilize hashtags from Twitter to find related, trending shows, related Twitter hashtags in real time and to generate direct tune-in URLs. Authentication is required to access all methods of the API. Enter username and password. Credentials are automatically set as you type. Views Ad Experience Report data, and gets a list of sites that have a significant number of annoying ads.

Search for information on companies using a website or company name and get access to Company Data, News, Blog Posts, Competitor Lists and much more. An API for the distribution and annotation of open data, for small cities and big metropolitan areas. The shop API empowers developers to build amazing new apps or websites using Zalando shop data and services.

Transit API can be used to obtain time-aggregated data representing moving the people between various spatial points within the Czech Republic. Code against the Bitbucket API to automate simple tasks, embed Bitbucket data into your own site, build mobile or desktop apps, or even add custom UI add-ons into Bitbucket itself using the Connect framework.

Introduction OpenFinTech.

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It contains such information as geolocation data countries, cities, regionsorganizations, currencies national, digital, virtual, Analyzes the performance of a web page and provides tailored suggestions to make that page faster. Learn more about the Circuit Development Community.

It calculates an optimal tour for a set of vehicles, services and constraints. Toggle navigation Any API. Document your API. API Gallery. Show Tags. All analytics backend cloud collaboration customer relation developer tools ecommerce education email enterprise entertainment financial hosting iot location machine learning marketing media messaging monitoring open data payment project management search security social storage support telecom text time management tools transport.

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The destination for current and historic NBA statistics. Searches over a website or collection of websites. Webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

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Reads and writes Google Sheets. Validate and generate passwords using open source tools. Access Gmail mailboxes including sending user email. DoubleClick Bid Manager. Real-Time Bus Predictions.

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Real-time bus prediction methods. Stock and Forex Data and Realtime Quotes.With Abstract, you can get the city, region and country of any IP. In addition, Abstract IP Geolocation API provides you with timezone and coordinates data so you can build the most delightful experience for your developers.

Whether it's for content personalisation, fraud detection or GDPR compliance, Abstract covers a variety of use cases thanks to its extensive and robust platform currently used bydevelopers worldwide in companies like Google or Shopify. Freelancers and indiehackers can enjoy an extensive free plan serving up to 20, calls per month.

If you are looking to add your Instagram feed into your website then this is so easy. If you don't want to do backend to access your Instagram data. Uptime Robot is a tool that keeps Monitors the status of your applications and notifies when it gets down, up through email. Send data into your telegram channel, group with simple endpoint.

free database rest api

Telegram is my only favourite messaging application because I can use this to get notification with Telegram API into my group. Webflow is a website builder in the browser without any coding knowledge. Nowadays many companies using this tool to make marketing pages, marketplace websites, and building blogs.

Everyone knows about google sheet and the use cases. Lingvanex translates everything and everywhere. It translates text, voice, text on picture, files, websites in languages online and offline. It works on mobile desktop, web, messenger, wearables and voice assistant platforms. Translation solutions can be integrated into any business product fast and with the best price on the market.

News API to find news articles by any topic country language website or keyword. Automatic background removal service powered by AI. From an input image given its public-accessible URL or being the image itself, ObjectCut returns the same image but without background.

Get started with just a few clicks by signing up for our free plan. Website HTML extraction has never been so easy! The intended audience is software engineers and data scientists. We encourage to contact us for opening such the account. Analyze emotions in music. Cyanite supports players in the music industry to make a smooth transition into the age of AI. Its API mainly aims at production music libraries, publishers and digital music stores to level up their databases.

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It's open for anyone to create new solutions. QuickChart is a chart API that is used to generate chart images on-demand. These images can be embedded in email, SMS, chats, and other environments.

QuickChart is open source and heavily customizable.Model your information quickly. The development database plan is completely free for up to 3 users. In the backend, users collaborate and work with data in multiple ways. A centralized search let's users quickly search through the entire database quickly if given access. It's also a breeze to navigate the database relationships.

It has allowed us to turn sketches in to a fully functioning web-application in days. Being able to focus on the frontend rather than backend and scaling is a big relief. Stolen Goat Ltd. The restdb.

We use it to build tools that help us and our customers make better decisions about the products we sell. I couldn't be happier with the platform: it's fast, reliable and secure and very easy to code against. We use restdb. Our clients love the easy to use database backend for editing tasks and we're happy with it's integration in various web and iOS frameworks. OfficeConsult AS.

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Great customer service, very fast response to technical questions. We are very happy to have discovered restdb. We use it to provide our apps "built with AppMachine" with data. It's fast, safe and solid. We started with 1 database and have 6 already in use. We have used restdb. It is a brilliant tool for setting up prototypes and solutions for small and medium size projects in a secure and rapid way. The staff is responsive and helpful, always eager to help with all kinds of technical questions.

Pages in the restdb. I don't have to worry about the database or web server back end. Instead, I can focus all my attention on the web application that I'm building.

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Connect data and applications in powerful ways. Simple to use restdb.Pulling song lyrics. Streaming playlists. Sorting by genres. There are hundreds of ways to use music data to take your app to the next level. Even better?

There are a ton of music data APIs you can access for free! We all know that iTunes has an enormous music database. Just head to the iTunes API functions page to start testing calls! The best use cases for the iTunes API are:. Like many music data APIs, the powerful searchMusic endpoint lets you search for artists, albums, tracks. But this endpoint also lets you pull music videos and mixes. Track data will include the track price, and the price of the album containing it. You can perform arbitrary search across all of these data types, or use the optional entity parameter to specify what data you want to get back.

For example, you can also call endpoints that search the following media types: Podcasts Audiobooks TV shows Movies. You can also call the general search endpoint to search across all media types.

All media will have pricing data, as well as general metadata. Access the database behind one of the largest music streaming apps in the world. Like the other music data APIs mentioned, Spotify has strong endpoints that allow you to search albumsartists and tracks. LastFM has one of the largest databases of music data out there. Get trending tracks and artists straight to your app by pulling top music charts.

It provides images for albums, tracks and artist. You can quickly generate one here.One of the core features of the restdb. All restdb. HTTPS is required. The restdb. Read more about how to query database here.

Code examples for popular programming languages here. ID must be a valid ObjectID. Request body is a valid JSON document. Request body is an array of JSON documents. Will also work for child documents.

Request body is a valid JSON object. Request body must be an array of ID's. List is based on query in parameter? Only allowed with a full access api-key or from a Codehook.

ID is a valid ObjectID for an object in the media archive or an existing filename. Parameter s options;? No API-key required. Use parameter? Requires API-key.

Top 8 Free Music Data APIs (Updated for 2020)

Get list of media object metadata. Body must contain a path to a secret and a payload with JWT claims, e. Returns email, displayname and image. This token can no longer be used for API access. Get document from subcollection subcollection is field name of type child and ID is a valid ObjectID. Post array data. Update one or more properties on a document in a collection. Delete a list of documents in a collection. Get binary data for media object with ID. Send email.

Generate a new JWT token.


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