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Two versions of jQuery are available for downloading: one minified and one uncompressed for debugging or reading. Here's the code:.

The Lightbox Display Block consist of two div elements.

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The Lightbox is only visible when someone clicks any image in the gallery. Rest of the time it is hidden. We will use CSS display property to hide the Lightbox. No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of Entheos. Any unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise is strictly prohibited. Template Shop.

Free Resources. CSS Lightbox Effect. Click on the Images below to view the Lightbox Effect. Steps to Implement the Lightbox Effect We'll follow these steps to apply the fonts to your webpage. Here's the code: 1 2 3 4 5. Step 2 : Make the Image Gallery All the images are inside a single div element. Each img element must have class attribute having value "thumbnail".

We will use this class later with jQuery to trigger the Lightbox Effect. Heres the jQuery Code. Click here to download the Demo.A lightbox is a script used to overlay images and videos on a page and dim out the rest of the page content. This tutorial shows how this can be achieved using a bootstrap library called ekkolightbox. The href attribute value should be the path to the image. Add the following markup to the body of your page:.

Then it initializes the lightbox.

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This is the minimal code you need to get started and you can run it in the browser to see the result. The code above works nicely for a single image but most times, you need to be able to scroll between more than one image. All we need to do is add data-gallery to anchor tags. Now if you click on an image, you should see arrows on the left and right of the image which would enable you to scroll through the images in the gallery.

We can pass some extra configuration options to ekkolightbox to customize the look and behaviour of the lightbox. For a full list of configurations, refer to the library documentation.

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This tutorial shows how to quickly add a lightbox to a page using bootstrap and ekkolightbox. You can check out the source code for this tutorial to compare with what you have. If you are interested in building a custom lightbox or gallery without bootstrap or any other library, w3schools has an awesome tutorial that can get you started. Kelvin Gobo is a Frontend Developer with a demonstrated knowledge in building web applications.

He is skilled in crafting beautiful user interfaces, web tooling and performance optimization, and progressive web apps. Press ESC to close. Share Article:. Kelvin Gobo Kelvin Gobo is a Frontend Developer with a demonstrated knowledge in building web applications.

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January 13, Animating between routes with route transitions in Vue.A lightbox is a combination of two components, a modal and a slide show. The lightbox will be contained in the modal, which will be triggered by some JavaScriptfrom event handlers in the HTML markup.

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You will also find a reference list of the methods you use and other useful tid-bits that are related to this tutorial, at the bottom. The images we will be using are being supplied by Pexelsa free stock photo gallery that allows you to provide high quality images to their projects fast, free and usually with no attributions needed. The CSS provides you with different states for your lightbox.

Things like visibility, positioning, and hover effects. Modal - A popup window. Live Example - A CodePen that demos the above code. Pexels - A free stock photo gallery. MDN - A great place for information about web stuff.

W3School - Lightbox - This code was inspired from here. Thanks W3Schools! Skip to main content. Android Development. Books to Read for Programmers.

BSD operating system. Cloud Development. Computational Genomics.

lightbox css

Computer Hardware. Computer Science. Data Science Tools. Design Patterns. Designer Tools. Developer Ethics. Developer Tools. Code documentation. Game Development. Machine Learning. Mobile Application Development. Introduction to NLP. Network Engineering. PHP Syntax Overview. Product Design.Utilizes Bootstraps modal plugin to implement a lightbox gallery - GitHub. Options are passed down to the modal object so you can also use any of the original modal options.

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Note: uses modal plugin title option via data-titleand the custom footer tag using data-footer. Note: uses modal plugin limiting via data-max-width or data-max-height. Justin Bieber - Love Yourself. Tame Impala - Elephant using youtu.

This will mean your link url - if the JavaScript fails, will open the full screen player try opening the first link below in a new tab ; the solution to this is to set the lightbox source directly - the second link below does this. City Lights - from Colin Rich using embed link. City Lights - from Colin Rich with reccommended data-remote setting. This also works with photos: Instagram. Taylor Swift - Blank Space standard.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space x If the images you are linking to have no extension, the lightbox cannot detect that is an image; therefore you need to tell the lightbox what data-type it is. Current allowed types are: ['image', 'youtube', 'vimeo', 'instagram', 'video', 'url']. Click here for an image, but with no extension. This link is missing the type attribute, and will iframe the image. This link is linking to a YouTube video, but forcing an image.

lightbox css

Given a URL, that is not an image or video including unforced typesload the content using an iFrame. Bootstrap Docs. Options Options are passed down to the modal object so you can also use any of the original modal options.

Create a Pure CSS Image Lightbox

Instagram This also works with photos: Instagram.Simple include simplelight-box. The markup inside the A-Tags can be whatever you want. In this example thumbnails of the big images. The Title Tag is by default used to show a caption. For a whole example just look at the demo folder.

You can have multiple lightboxes on one page, if you give them different selectors. Here is a small example:.

Andre Rinas - Github. Documentation Install. For the default setup, you just need links that are pointing to images. JavaScript Options. Set it to "self" for the A-Tag itself captionType 'attr' string how to get the caption. You can choose between attr, data or text captionsData title string get the caption from given attribute captionPosition 'bottom' string the position of the caption.

Options are top, bottom or outside note that outside can be outside the visible viewport! If false error will be ignored alertErrorMessage 'Image not found, next image will be loaded' string the message displayed if image was not found additionalHtml false string Additional HTML showing inside every image. Usefull for watermark etc.

If false nothing is added history true bool enable history back closes lightbox instead of reloading the page throttleInterval 0 int time to wait between slides doubleTapZoom 2 int zoom level if double tapping on image maxZoom 10 int maximum zoom level on pinching htmlClass has-lightbox string adds class to html element if lightbox is open.

If empty or false no class is set rtl false bool change direction to rigth-to-left. Name Description show. Public Methods. Name Description open Opens the lightbox with an given Element close Closes current openend Lightbox next Go to next image prev Go to previous image destroy Destroys the instance of the lightbox refresh Destroys and reinitilized the lightbox, needed for eg. Multiple Lightboxes on one page. You can customize Simplelightbox by changing the style in simplelightbox.

Now uses modern ES6 javascript, without the need of jQuery. Can use jQuery anyway. Developers can use gulp with babel to contribute.This post was last updated Nov 16, and may be out of date. To accomplish this, we will make use of the :target selector from the CSS3 spec. Click the thumbnail below to see the lightbox in action, or see the full demo on CodePen. The :target selector is similar to other better known selectors like :focus and :visited.

Any styles associated with a :target selector are applied when the id of the targeted element is the same as the URL hash of the current page. Here is a simple example of :target being used:. Now that we know how to use the :target selector we can use this principle to trigger the display of a lightbox. The way this lightbox will work is simple. All we need to do is hide a lightbox somewhere on the page and unhide it when it is the :target element. In the example above, clicking the first link thumbnail will change the page hash and result in the second element lightbox becoming the target.

Now all we need to do is write a few lines of CSS. The following CSS is commented to help you understand what is going on. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. This post was last updated Nov 16, and may be out of date This tutorial will show you how to create a JavaScript-free lightbox using CSS only.

This will work in any browser above IE8. What is the :target Selector? Lightbox Markup The way this lightbox will work is simple. Happy coding! Stop clicking and run for your life! Uh oh, I don't think the system can't handle it! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Care to share? HN Twitter Reddit Email.The creation of CSS animation has brought an amazing feature for the web designers and coders to tinker on to show their own creativity.

lightbox css

With the advent of Lightbox, they have a better tool to use in creating their own images with 3D animation effects as well as background dimming capability that removes the distraction of viewing the image better.

Combining Lightbox with CSS and JavaScript does offer web coders a valuable tool to enhance their techniques in creating great 3D animation with Lightbox using the following concepts to use in your own coding design projects. You can creatively achieve this design using this coding technique with Lightbox and CSS from the ingenuity of Emanuele Feronato which is worth sharing to those who want to learn the basics on creating Lightbox effects with CSS.

The Lightbox effect is pre-loaded and static and best for a beginner to learn. It is as wide as the entire browser. The white content on the other hand provides a layer where you want the Lightbox overlay to appear which can be a layer for your login screen or photo.

To specify the link to be clicked, you need to work out in getting the href attribute and send it as a content parameter and use this code:.

Lightbox for Bootstrap

We need to prepare a DOM in order to have two elements that will prevent the scrolling of the viewport so add the code below:. With the two elements needed already in place in the DOM, you need to add more CSS coding in order to add more style on these elements by using this code:. In effect, the code will animate the opacity to the value of 0. This will also result in a linear transition. The next step is to load the content into the Lightbox.

We will use an image that will be added to the DOM and the browser will actually download it automatically using this code. Then you have to actually display the image and make the adjustments on its width and height. Then position the Lightbox in the middle of screen and fade it in using this code:. Once the image is loaded successfully, the load function will then execute. To give the user a visual clue that they can click it, you need to tweak the CSS by adding the cursor:pointer; to the element of.

You can create an image overlay like this:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Author Bio: You can find Stacy Carter, guest blogger, at netspysoftware. Oct 29, 0 Jul 19, 0 I Used this lightbox code. Regards vishal amli. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Jan 20, 94 Today I will tell you how to create cool CSS3 modal popup windows or boxes.

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